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by asmith | Aug 29, 2008 | 1,706 views

I’ve been shooting for about 3 years and have had a few things in various magazines. Here’s the photo in order of their appearance and the story behind it. 



Sean Malto doing this front crook was the first photo I had in a magazine. This was in 2006 while I was still in high school. I able to shoot this photo because of my newspaper class. My teacher was really cool and somehow I convinced him to buy 2 flashes, an infrared slave (back then I didn’t know about radio slaves), and a fisheye all on the schools credit card. I told him those things would be good for newspaper photos. Anyways I had been using the new equipment for a few days before this front crook and still didn’t really know what I was doing. All be the first one to admit it but I was nervous shooting this trick. I didn’t really know what I was doing, it was the best skateboard trick I’ve ever shot, I just wanted everything to work out so people didn’t get bummed. In the end it all worked out and turned out to be an Analog ad. I was hyped!



Before I was in the good graces of Transworld I was submitting to every magazine. This sequence of Sean Malto doing a pop shuvit crook was the first photo I had it Skateboarder Magazine. It ran pretty small but I was hyped non the less. The day we shot this was pretty cool, Sean came through with getting about 4 photos.  The dude kills it!



As you probably already know by seeing his interview, Rhett Freeman kills it. When I shot this photo I was going to school in Savannah, Georgia, about 4 hours south east of Atlanta. I was doing my final project for a class on skateboarding. I drove the 4 hours every weekend to come up to Atlanta and shot skating. This photo was the first photo I shot of Rhett. Every time I came up from Savannah to shoot he got a photo. In under a year Rhett got an interview in FTK Magazine. It was the first interview I had ever done for a magazine and it turned out pretty good. This photo was his opener photo. 



This is definitely one of the craziest sequences I’ve ever shot. Rhett did this trick already but I wasn’t able to shoot it. So he went back and did it again and then we went across the street and ate pizza. It was a rad day. This sequence was in his interview for FTK. 



Sean Conover had an interview in the same issue of FTK. Again this was the first photo I had ever shot with him. Crailslide on a street rail is pretty crazy! This was the only good frame on the roll of film, I got pretty lucky. 



This was the cover for the issue of FTK with Sean and Rhett’s interview. I was pretty hyped they used it for the cover! Sean Conover noseblunt. 



This was the first photo I ever had in Transworld. Sean Malto nollie crooking while there’s still salt on the ground from the ice and snow. 



I entered Slap’s Focus Contest last year. I didn’t win but this they did use this photo of Josh White doing a kickflip into a hill in Kansas City. 



This is my most resent photo in a magazine before I came over to Transworld. Ryan Pearce backside crailslide for the contest page of FTK. 

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