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“Get Blogged” Stephen “Venner” Criger Interview

by asmith | Aug 26, 2008 | 518 views

Venner porty


Stephen “Venner” Criger Interview


Venner frontboard

Frontboard in an abandon car dealership

Name: Stephen Criger
Age: 18
Sponsors: BC skateshop
Nickname: Venner

Venner 50-50

Grinder pop out

Everyone calls you Venner, how did that name come about? 

When I was like 12 or 13 I met Chris Thiessen, and he decided I didn’t look like a Stephen, so he took the endings of my name (assuming my name was spelling with a v) steVEN crigER, Venner, I don’t know, it obviously stuck haha.

People also call you “Man Child” right? Why is that? 

I guess i’ve been big for my age haha

Whenever I hang out with you the strange occurrence always happen. You let out this loud animal like yell called “Yettie”.  Tell me about this Yettie yell that lingers inside of you?

It’s wild. it bums people out too haha 

Let’s hear about one of the gnarlest yetties you’ve ever done.

Long story short, we were in Chicago, it was 4 AM, I had just got done pissing all over this chick’s bathroom. Then I let the yettie rip hahah I got kicked out shortly after that.

Venner nollie 5-0

Nollie backside 5-0

What how is filming for Chris Thessian’s new video Meanwhile going?

It’s been so fun man! We’ve gone on trips to Chicago, California, and New York. We’ve been skating more than ever while we’re home. I’m really psyched on how everything’s going.

Venner wallride top

Venner wallrides while Chris films 

Is it any different than filming for Chris’s last video Scarlet Fever?

Big time! That was Chris’s first video he’s ever done. Meanwhile looks more professionally done i guess. it’s hard to explain, i guess you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Venner wallie

Straight up wallie over this thing

Are you pushing your self harder for this video?

Yeah for sure. Especially lately and it’s taking a toll on me. I’ve been hurt on and off for the past 4 months and taken some pretty harsh slams. I’m actually typing this mostly left handed right now because yesterday I got completely broke off and fucked my wrist up super bad haha.

Venner 5-0

Close shave 5-0

You’ve done a lot for someone so young, tell me about the cross country trip you went on last summer with your friend. Let’s hear some sketchy things you did.

Yeah that trip was so fun! It was just me and friend Davis and we just camped out or slept in the car the whole time. While we were in portland my friend Scott took us up to this river in the mountains and we were jumping off cliffs all day. I ended up landing on a rock from about 30 feet up and destroyed my heel. But the sketchiest thing we did for sure was picking up this hitchhiker in Wyoming. His name was Paulie and he was out of it. He rode with us for almost 3 hours, just telling the most insane stories about doing meth with the sheriffs out there, he told us how he wanted to kill his old boss because he threw away his favorite tape measure, and told us about his friend in California that we should to meet up with to buy drugs from. He said the guy was homeless and he doesn’t speak, but he’d listen to us and get us what we need hahaha. He said he had Youtube videos up and we found them. It’s just him talking about ridiculous shit. Search “crazypaulie” hahaha!

Venner nollie full cab

Nollie full cab over some plants

What is your favorite things about Atlanta?

My friends that live here! It doesn’t get too cold in the winter too, that’s a plus.

Do you think you’ll ever move out of Georgia?

Probably. I’m planning on moving to New York next summer, but i think I’ll end up coming back here. Atlanta’s sick.

Venner polejam

Polejam on a straight pole down the little drop

What’s your favorite thing about skateboarding in Atlanta?

Most of the dudes that skate here are rad, and plus there’s a ton of spots. There are always new spots to be found, it just takes some lurking. 

What is another state that you really like skateboarding wise?

New York is really sick, and I like Kansas because Ryan Lovell lives there. That dude fuckin rips!!!

Any last words?


Venner wallride

Ollie out to wallride


Venner’s Scarlet Fever video part. Videography: Chris Thiessen

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