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“Get Blogged” Rhett Freeman Interview

by asmith | Aug 20, 2008 | 752 views

Rhett Freeman


Rhett Freeman Interview




Backlip across and into the bank


Rhett Freeman
Ambush, Destructo

What’s your favorite things about atlanta?
I love the endless unexplored sprawl of atlanta. You can pretty much just pick any old little town off the map drive there.. and find something really unique and often frustrating to skate. I also like how you can be in the city and five minutes down the road be in the woods in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. 

How is filming going for Chris Thiessen’s new video Meanwhile?
Dude its been a blast. The group of guys that are a part of it are amazing.. super positive and very versatile and just truly legit dudes. We have been taking fun trips and exploring all over Georgia finding awesome new stuff to skate. It doesn’t hurt that Chris is the most motivated dude that films and who is down to go just about anywhere you want to go, including the hood. His filming is amazing and im glad he puts up with my relentless pathetic attempts at spots. But really overall its going really good.. i think people are going to be really stoked on how it turns out.

Rhett fakie fs flip

Fakie frontside flip into the bank

Tell me about these nasty text messages I hear about that you send out?
It started with me and Venner really. I had this harsh job where i was up at like six am sitting in traffic on my way to work…bored out of my mind. So i would sit there and think of the most vile things I could think of to send to him. I mean honestly there is nothing better than picturing someone trying to respond to the things I send them. And often even better is their responses back… However they could never compare to what my mind thought up. If i recall you received several of my little beauties. 

What do the words “say buster” mean?
“SAY BUSTA”, ‘HEY HUSSLA” “AY MAN”, “YO PLAYA” just to name a few, is some form of communication that takes place in the Atlanta area. I mean alot of times when I hear some of the things being yelled in the city.. I do not think its coming from humans.. but to my surprise when I look.. I see people. Im no scientist, but i think that its some kind of language amongst the bums of the city. But when you hear it you can be rest assured that the next thing out of the things mouth will be… “Let me get a dolla man”. We came up with a plan by just beating them to the “say hussla”, This seems to be working as a repellant for beggars. 


Backside 180 over bush and into parking lot

What do you think about the manchild aka Venner?
I think he is a big baby. No, but what do i really think? If he could just put the weed down for a minute.. I would say he has some potential. No but really, that kid is gnarly! I have never seen someone take the beatings that kid has and keep on going. I mean he may shed a tear or two in the process but homeboy gets it done.

Who is my favorite person to skate with in Atlanta?
Chris Theissen, He is so positive that its gross.. but i like it.

Rhett wallie

Wallie off the ATM and over the sidewalk

You lived in California for awhile, how was that?

Living in california was great.. I moved around alot, San Diego, Thousand oaks, Huntington beach so i got a good taste of all parts of southern california. I cant decide if the cost of living got the best of me or it was good old home sickness. But I am way glad to be back in the south.

Rhett fs wallride

Frontside wallride

Future plans?
Work, Skate, Travel, Hangout, continue to send filthy texts.

Last words?

Rhett gap to manny

Ollie out to manual 

Video by: Chris Thiessen

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